When I Saw A Drag Queen Show

In photography we use light. Light creates shadows and highlights. In this body of work I used several lighting techniques to render those elements . This delicate effects capture the view of simple transparent objects from different perspectives similar to a Cubist painting where the subject is seen and painted from different angles. In addition, I used hue and composition to physically and digitally so emphasize the harmonious juxtaposition that exists between the two.

In this series I was inspired by drag queens and the night life. It’s my interpretation of that moment when you arrive home from the night club and you lay down on the couch with your pants half unzipped and all you can see are random flashes of the drugs, alcohol and the lights. The bold colors of the drag’s dresses and feathers, the sound of their deep voices and the drinks never stop coming.

Lucid Dreams

This project was created early 2020 right before the COVID-19 pandemic hit my Texas hometown. Personally, I was learning to live with very drastic changes to my body and the pandemic heightened my pain drastically. Coping with the changes emotional and physical changes, getting laid of work, living each day with the fear of catching a second additional virus; these were all things that accumulated and made me really doubt my existence and my faith in a God.

Artists like Edvard Munch, Van Gogh, Robert Mapplethorpe among many more became heavy inspirations for me. I used dramatic chiaroscuro lighting to capture this enigmatic images of my being. The subject is my body and my soul.

Film Layering

This series is an unconventional approach to analogue photography, with opposing themes like sexuality and religion. This work takes the mechanics of analogue photography beyond its limits by physically altering the final look of the image by layering them on the scanner to form a composition. The layering of the film represents the complexity of human thought. My work is carefully considered and renders an image from my own personal experiences. I take inspirations from masters of photography and painting like Francis Bacon, Annie Brigman, Alexander Rodchenko and Robert Mapplethorpe.